Thursday, August 31, 2017

Top 10 Forex Forums (2017 Edition)

This is a new update of my old post. As I said, Forex forum is online discussion site where other people hold conversations about Forex market and trading in general in a form of posted messages. The most popular Forex forums are:

1. Forex Factory - (Alexa rank: 3362) - a leading online Forum with huge trader base and established reputation

2. MQL5 Forum - (Alexa rank: 5519) - official forum of Metatrader users

3. My FX Book Forum - (Alexa rank: 9274) - wellknown Forex site with forum

4. Babypips Forum - (Alexa rank: 16476) - one of the best Forex educational sites with forum

5. Forex Peace Army Forum - (Alexa rank: 41254) - another wellknown Forex site with forum

6. Arabic Trader - (Alexa rank: 48746) - forex forum in Arabic

7. EliteTrader - (Alexa rank: 56382) - forum without subsections

8. MT5 Forum - (Alexa rank: 61207) - a forum of Metatrader users

9. EarnForex - (Alexa rank: 77081) - another well populated Forex forum

10. Trade2Win Forums - (Alexa rank: 100553) - a forum dedicated to Forex traders

Happy trading !!!


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