Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Profitable trading using THV strategy

THV is a legendary free manual trading strategy that was developed by Cobraforex. The strategy is originally designed for scalping (trading on smaller time-frames), although some traders successfully use it on larger time-frames. It can be applied to any trading instrument, but since it is a scalping strategy the better results are carried out on currency pairs with smaller spreads.

THV manual and indicators can be downloaded from here. Well, my intention is not to explain you the strategy, but to point out on few additional things that can improve your trading results. Since, it is a scalping strategy, I have applied it to 5 minute time-frame.

First, I advise you to take only those trades that are in accordance with bigger time-frames. If on 5 minute time-frame buy signal is met then check out if according to THV strategy the pair is in buy zone on 15 minute and 1 on hour time-frame. If is not, do not enter the trade. Also, if sell signal is met, check if the pair is in sell zone on 15 minute and 1 hour time-frame.

Second, take a look at Economic calendar. Do not enter the trades half an hour before highly and moderately volatile news release for the one of the currencies in the pair.

Finally, check the volume. Do not enter the trade if the volume is low. It should not be the problem if you are trading on business day during London or New York session.

Hopefully, these remarks will help you to improve your trading results. Good luck!     


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